Welcome to Guild Awod Marine Service and Life Support.
Introduction of the Guild Awod.
At Gildorward, we operate leisure services based on marine services and house services to support living in Okinawa.
Please feel free to contact us for sightseeing and residents of Okinawa.
The Guild Awod Experience team is safe and fun! Is the first leisure service.It started with marine services, but not only the sea, but all of the nature of the sea, mountains, rivers, and Okinawa is what I want to do on the stage.
It can be done because it is Guild Awod. How about such a local experience?
Guild Awod House Service team is doing everything it can to get your problem resolved. Active in the first place. It is support business of living that began from house cleaning, but it is not only cleaning but also detailed repair and reform of the house, convenient helper system and shopping agency etc. It can be solved because it is the Guild Awod. It is a support business that can think of such customers' feelings.